Southern Constructors, Inc has the experience to set a pedestrian bridge in greenways and streetscapes to repairing the bridge decks on our interstate and state highways. Greenways and roadways improve our communities, we are proud to have performed work in these areas.

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Cumberland Avenue Streetscapes

Cumberland Avenue Streetscapes Phase I & II and Utility Relocation Phase I & II are projects that includes replacement and upgrades of all water, sewer, and gas utilities along the Cumberland Avenue Corridor. The Cumberland Avenue Corridor travels from Alcoa Highway to Sixteenth Street. The four lanes will reduced to two lanes with an added median to accommodate turn lanes. All utilities will be placed underground and new traffic/pedestrian signals will be installed. New wider sidewalks, crosswalks, trees, plants and street furniture will be added to the Corridor. Colored concrete and pavers will be used to create an aesthetically welcoming area for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. All phases of all projects are scheduled for completion by August, 2017 and combined contracts amount to over twenty-two million dollars. The City of Knoxville has a website ( and an app for mobile devices with information on traffic updates, Knoxville Area Transit free fare zone and Cumberland Merchants.


A complex project that involved reconstruction of structural concrete slabs on both sides of Gay Street, construct a concrete street, convert current reverse parking to angle parking in order to accommodate the widening of all sidewalks. Sidewalks were constructed using colored concrete integrated on both the east and west sides of Gay Street. Underground utilities were updated; new landscaping and street furniture were incorporated to promote downtown activities.


As part of the South Knoxville Waterfront Development, this project involved relocating all utilities underground. Forming and pouring of new sidewalks and retaining wall and planting of new trees on each side of the street. New light poles were installed using LED technology and a new traffic signal was installed in order to enhance pedestrian traffic thru the Blount Avenue underpass. With the addition of the new sidewalks, retaining walls and new landscaping this created a bioretention swale in order to improve storm water quality.


Retaining walls were poured using specialized forming system with inserted drainage pipes to stabilize new roadway shoulders. The walls vary in length and height along the roadway but each one contains a masonry stone and column facade for a more appealing appearance that esthetically blends with the surrounding neighborhood environment.


This complex project involved relocation of underground utilities and re-establishing driveway connections to area residents after the concrete sidewalks and retaining walls were completed. Retaining walls using specialized forms were poured using concrete, sealant and paint finished product giving the illusion of a stone retaining wall. The community received several benefits from this multiple faceted project.


Lower 2nd Creek Greenway lies in the heart of Knoxville connecting Cumberland Avenue to Neyland Drive with aesthetic features for all to enjoy. Formerly a section of the World’s Fair site, this area has transformed into a speculator greenway. Boulders have been placed along the waterways to compliment the natural environment. Landscaping, irrigation systems, concrete sidewalks, retaining walks and a concrete bridge increase the accessibility to the area from different directions. Ramps and handrails make this area handicap accessible. Parking lots for the University of Tennessee personnel has provided this area with dual purpose.


Maryville Pedestrian Enhancements and Streetscapes was a great addition for the downtown area for the City of Maryville. The pedestrian bridge is 16′ wide and spans almost 200 feet along across the greenbelt. It connects the downtown area with points of interest across the bridge. Phase II of the project included kiosks, etched artistic glass displayed in upscale courtyard areas, street pavers and new street lighting.


Southern Constructors, Inc performs contract work for the Tennessee Department of Transportation and local city and county governments for full and partial depth deck repairs, structural steel and concrete framework improvements on our state highway and interstates.We use experienced subcontractors in order to expedite the project to complete ahead of schedule. This process enables us to return traffic flow back to normal conditions within a shorter timeframe.


Northwest Badgett Greenway is part of Victor Ashe Park in Northeast Knoxville. Trails were carved and pedestrian bridges with a rustic theme were set to blend into a natural setting. Concrete drains and boulders were placed in open areas and around streams to promote the tranquil atmosphere.